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I mean, I guess it is. I didn't really plan to do this!

I just began stupidly posting things like "Schwarzenegger or Stallone?" on Twitter, and occasionally making little "vs" screens for them that I think are just neato torpedo:
Isn't that neat? It's like a little cartoony graphic thingy! That's good stuff.
But because there was no plan, I just sort of started teaming people up at random.
This means that some matchups are great, while others are complete shit.

So let's make it a little better, shall we?

Instead of random match-ups, I want to transform this into a full March Madness-style bracket of badassery!
Let's hold a tournament of ass-kickers to determine who is truly all outta bubblegum.
And let's have you, the movie-going public, decide the biggest badass of cinema history!
Voting is easy: just head to our Twitter (@RealCinemania) and every day we'll post 1 or 2 matchups.

The only thing is, in actual "bracketology" or whatever they call it, there's a thing called "seeding".
"Seeding" is basically just ranking the participants, with a 1-seed considered the best and a 16-seed considered the worst. The 1-seed plays the 16-seed, the 2-seed plays the 15-seed, the 3 plays the 14, and so on. This ensures that the best teams get the easiest path to the finals, ultimately building the maximum amount of drama as you get deeper in the tournament. It's a great system.

Unfortunately, because I didn't plan on doing this at all... the first matchup was Arnold Schwarzenegger against Sylvester Stallone, a couple of sure-fire "1-seeds". Next year, I'll do actual seeding.
Is the text too small to read?
Yeah, I kinda figured it would be. Especially on mobile devices.

The full list of 2017's #BattleOfTheBadAsses participants is below:
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sly Stallone"Groovy" Bruce CampbellWoody Harrelson
Tony JaaJean-Claude Van DammeLucy LiuPam Grier
Michael Jai WhiteRudy Ray Moore
"Rowdy" Roddy PiperJesse "The Body" Ventura
Steven SeagalRichard "Shaft" RoundtreeChuck NorrisCarl Weathers
Michelle YeohDevon AokiDonnie YenCary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Bolo YeungKane KosugiWesley SnipesSonny Chiba
Jet LiJackie ChanBruce LeeRandy Couture
Chow Yun-FatMichael DudikoffDon "The Dragon" WilsonGary Daniels
Billy BlanksScott AdkinsDwayne "The Rock" JohnsonJason Statham
Brandon LeeMark DacascosBrigitte NielsenSalma Hayek
Don FryeMickey RourkeSamuel L. JacksonRon Perlman
Jeffrey Dean MorganTom BerengerPeter WellerRutger Hauer
Michael Clarke DuncanDolph LundgrenKurt RussellBruce Willis
Ving RhamesFred WilliamsonVinnie JonesKeith David
Nicolas CageDanny TrejoCynthia RothrockUma Thurman
Martin Kove"Stone Cold" Steve AustinHugh JackmanRyan Reynolds
"Why isn't Clint Eastwood in the tournament?"
-He pulled a hamstring.

"Have you ever heard of a guy named John Wayne?"
-He tore his ACL.

"Hey fuckface, where the hell is *insert name here*?"
-I don't appreciate your tone. *insert name here* chose not to participate for religious reasons.

Next March, I'll mix it up a bit and include this year's favorites along with all the people you wish were here!
Are you fixing to pitch a bitch fit over what I had to say? Please let us know at:
or Follow us on Twitter: @RealCinemania

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